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About me

In 1992 Lorenza Lazzari founded the Milano Cord Blood Bank, one of the largest public cord blood banks in Europe. At present, she is the R&D director of the Cell Factory, a unit dedicated to basic research and to GMP cell therapy protocols in the field of stem cells. She coordinates and supervises all the experimental work, supervises the writing, editing and publication of scientific papers and is responsible for intra- and extra-departmental scientific activities at the Cell Factory. She is a reviewer for several international scientific journals and she is principal investigator in a number of national and international research programs and consortia related to basic and clinical research on stem cells. In addition, she has been often invited by private and public associations, charities and European governments in order to spread her knowledge about stem cells giving her the possibility to disseminate the interesting results obtained in this field. Her main field includes hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic stem cells from several sources for research and clinical applications. In the last years her research group has been pioneer in investigating the role played by exosomes and extracellular vesicles in regenerative medicine.
Currently, her most important research target is to understand the mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects of stem cells. For this reason in her research lab new experimental approaches are going on, trying to connect extracellular vesicles, mitochondria, metabolism and stem cells fate. Since 2016 she has become a reference in Italy for the human pancreatic organoid production https://lsfm4life.eu increasing more and more her knowledge in the field of organoids as a model of disease and as an innovative regenerative medicine approach.
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